Dr. Bud Davis

Bud Davis, PhD, is an Anglican layman and educator.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Michigan's Ferris State University,  majoring in mathematics and chemistry.  He rose through the ranks as teacher to Superintendent of Schools.

During  tenure as an educator, Davis attended California State University, Fullerton, where he earned a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration.  He continued his education at United States International University in San Diego, earning the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Human Behavior.

Bud Davis was an instructor at University of California, Los Angles (UCLA) where he taught credential classes for Career and Technical Education teachers and served as Academic Coordinator for that Department.

Dr. Davis and his wife, Carol, are members of Saint James Anglican Church in Costa Mesa, California.  He has served as the People's Warden, member of the Finance Committee and Vestry.  Dr. Davis also served as a member of the Diocese of Western Anglicans Executive Committee.

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