New Third Edition

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The 3rd Edition of Celebrate Anglicanism has a significant number of changes that make it a relevant Anglican resource. Major changes include:

·    The Book of Common Prayer 2019 has supplanted the 1979 Prayer Book, requiring many corrections in the text.

·    The 2019 Prayer Book does not contain a catechism, as did the 1979 book. Instead, the catechism is now published separately as To Be A Christian, An Anglican Catechism (Approved Edition), a truly excellent curriculum for Christian instruction.

·    Tremendous developments have occurred internationally represented by the rise of the Gafcon Movement and the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches, including The Letter to the Churches that provides a superb overview of how prior statements of faith such as the Jerusalem Declaration are being implemented today.

·    Over the past several years I have discovered ever more of the history, significance and, the enduring beauty of the faith that Anglicans have always believed, taught, and practiced. I hope you will find this reflected in the 3rd edition of Celebrate Anglicanism.

The Foreword written by Archbishop Emeritus Robert Duncan, D.D. points out that Celebrate Anglicanism is written by a layman for the laity of the Anglican Church.  This book is a great resource or text for seekers, Confirmation, Catechism, or new member classes just to name a few.